Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One God One Message

This is a briefing explaination about what i have learnt. A true muslim must believe in the teaching of prophet Moses(nabi Musa a.s), Jesus (nabi Isa a.s) and prophet Muhammad s.a.w. A true muslim also have to believe on other prophet. I believe there are four divine book which is 'given' by Allah s.w.t to the prophet:

  1. Zabur-given to prophet David /nabi Dawud a.s (if i'm not mistaken, pls correct me)

  2. Torah (Taurat)-given to prophet Moses a.s

  3. Bible (Injil)- given to prophet Jesus a.s

  4. Al-Quran nurkarim-given to prophet Muhammad s.a.w

The teaching of Moses has been infiltrated and turned into the teaching of judaism which is the jews belief, while the teaching of Jesus also was infiltrated and turned into christianity. But don't think that the teaching of prophet Muhammad is not infiltrated, because as we can see muslims has divided into many sect and fighting each other, for example the shiites (puak shi'ah) and the sunni (puak sunnah).

The blame cannot be put on these believers, we are the victim of the infiltration. That's why we must know the real enemy. Quran has stated that Lucifer (Iblis) has promised to take human far from god (Allah s.w.t) and people who worship it (lucifer/Iblis/satan) is the real enemy. They have infiltrated the true message of god.

We have no rights to judge people. God is the one and only who will judge us. As long as they believe in god and not satan, they still have hope. For people who was born as a muslim, which is heir from their parent should be thankful because we are on a right track.

For detail, please watch: (the divine book-10 episodes by noreagaa and archenar)

Please correct me if i'm wrong....and sorry because there is no explaination about Zabur and the teaching of prophet Daud because i'm still searching about it. And sorry for the f**kin' english....i'm just sharpen my skill.

Again, please correct me either on the information or my english. Because my english sucks.


*p/s: do not confuse with the name or term used (torah, bible, moses, jesus,david, lucifer) because it has the same meaning with mentioned in the bracket.


  1. keep pointing 'bout ur english.
    its not that BAD okay..:)

    u explain about Quran.
    what about hadith?
    muslims who claim they follow hadith more than Quran?
    why it create a diversion between muslims?

  2. i can't,
    i'm not the right person to ask,
    i'm afraid u'll be misguided.

    lonl (lough out not loud)
    thanks for the support...

  3. maksudnya, janganlah kite bermusuh-musuhan sesama manusia. mahupun berlainan agama dan bangsa....
    jangan ingat org islam je yg layak masuk syurga.
    bukan sume org yahudi n kristian jahat. bukan sume org islam baik.
    hmm...lain kali kene tulis in malay...

  4. "jangan ingat org islam je layak masuk syurga"

    sy saya kamu dah salah faham tetang apa yang kamu ceritakan. saya cume menegur.Saya tahu awk cuba paham kan divine book 1 , jika awak minat Ahmad deedat cuba kaji balik speech2 yg disampaikan olehNya. atau jika awk peminat HashemFilm tgk Divine book 9. InsyaAllah awk akan paham maksud sy.

    semoga mendapat manfaat. insyaAllah.

  5. owh...
    terima kasih.
    teguran tuan amat dialu-alukan.
    saya mmg ingin belajar.